I am always searching for and reading news. I get mine primarily from my timeline. From Cosmopolitan to The New York Times– you name it, I’m reading it. Below are my top 8 eye-catching timeline stories for June 4, 2015. Let me know if I am missing any of your favorites! XX TB 

1. Female Viagra?
Ah, equality. This pill, called Flibanserin, was created to aid with premenopausal women’s sex life. Flibanserin has been voted on before by the FDA but did not pass. However, this time around it came out on top with a vote 18 to 6.(Via Cosmo)


2. Christian McPhilamy is an 8-year-old example to all

Bullying has been in the headlines a TON over the past few years, as it should. What makes this story unique is its happy ending. This light-hearted story is about an 8 year-old boy that grew his hair for locks of love and got bullied at school for his long hair. BuzzFeed does a wonderful job of showing this little boy’s personality, and the sweet reasoning for his choices.

3.  Butt injections are not good for you, per say

Butt injections, also known as ass shots, are shots that make your booty big. Like most desirable things (is it wrong I think this is desirable?), it showed up on the black market and, also like most things on the black market, it isn’t turning out well. A 34 year-old from Queens just died from these harmful, illegal shots. Yikes. Ladies, let’s stick to the natural way: squats and lunges. (Via Vice)


4. Kevin Durant really, REALLY likes Sonic

Durant’s most recent commercial has us all wondering… WTF? The 2014 MVP is standing at the foul line while thoughts of focus and Sonic’s Candy Slushes go through his head. It doesn’t sound that weird, but trust me, with his combination of his facial expressions and the awkwardly thoughtful pauses, you’d think you’re watching a Matthew McConaughey Buick commercial. “Yeeeh. Jolly Rancher’s. That’s a funny name.” *goat sounds in the background*

5. Drake Bell needs to retire his twitter

Drake Bell was known as Mr. Popular, Mr. Always-Gets-the-Girls, and Mr. I-Can-Tie-A-Cherry-Stem-With-My-Tongue during his adolescent years. His reputation as taken a 180, and all it took was an ignorant tweet about Caitlyn Jenner. Bell is just another example of a person who peaked in high school.


6. Sarah Palin is not too fond of Lena Duhnam

Sarah Palin recently compared one of Lena Duhnam’s childhood memories (harmlessly touching her sister when Lena was 7) to the Duggar molestation scandal. I am not here to report on the Duggars, and I will never report on the Duggars (I promise). All I’m saying is that if Sarah Palin doesn’t like Lena Duhnam, it’s her loss. Haven’t you seen Girls, Sarah?

7. Petco’s Golden Retriever Scandal

This is one of the most depressing headlines for animal lovers. PetCo is claiming that a Golden Retriever named Colby died in their possession, but not of over heating (which was the original issue). The company is taking “full responsibility,” and has let go of the workers involved in the incident. I feel terribly for Colby and his family. Hopefully this leads to more careful care at pet facilities. Rest in peace, Colby.


8. You go, Kelly Clarkson

I haven’t been the biggest Clarkson follower– well, not since From Justin to Kelly– but this girl can SING. She popped up on my timeline today with a cover of one of Rihanna’s most recent tracks. Lately, Clarkson has been on the news most recently for her weight gain, and specifically, how she’s been handling ‘fat-shamers.’ Headlines have taken a turn for the better, showcasing her vocals in her version of “Bitch Better Have my Money.”


^^ Such a good TBT, I had to include it.


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