Help, I can’t go on.

I’m dozing off during my morning coffee; I’m checking my timeline instead of focusing. You used to have my undivided attention. You used to be all I thought about during my evening commute; I looked forward to spending time with you.

I’m talking to you, Piper and Alex.

Why are you suddenly so boring?

I’m only on episode 4 of season 3 of Orange is the New Black, and I’m not sure if I can go on.

So far this season, Alex is back. She and Piper had been having angry sex, until they go to an acting class where they let out all of their feelings. Drugs were found in the electrical supervisor’s desk and Nicky is (rightfully) blame. Bennett proposed to Diaz, and it has been confirmed that the prison is shutting down.

While is sounds exciting and that it should be capturing every ounce of my attention, I’ve been dozing off and having to painfully rewatch scenes. And I think I know why this season is so unstimulating.

Back in seasons one and two, when you would learn about a character it would take only one episode. You would then know why they are incarcerated, and why they are how they are. Now as the storyline has gotten more complex with its crazy-long list of characters, the stories are overlapping in episodes and the story just feels repetitive. Haven’t I seen Cesar threaten to shoot a kid if he didn’t finish his French fries before?

Yawn. As I continue through what feels like purgatory, I hope that this is just a transition season and that the best is yet to come.




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