Balsamic Dreams

Being from a half-Italian background, balsamic dressing was almost always on the table at Sunday dinners at my grandparent’s home. Whether glazed over chicken or dressed on my size salad, balsamic was usually in the picture.

While recently searching on Pinterest for summer recipes I came across so many delicious balsamic dessert recipes. Why not bring my favorite part of dinner to my dessert?

Behold: 10 unique balsamic recipes, pinned by yours truly.



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Thankful on Thursday

Today kicks off the holiday weekend and I can’t help but feel some type of way. Feeling especially thankful on this Thursday—and here’s why.

My sorority little: This sounds incredibly cliché (and TSM), but it is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I can’t imagine my daily life without her. From venting, to asking for advice, to mentioning each other in fashion accounts’ posts on Instagram—we are in constant communication and I wouldn’t have it any other way. With my little I never feel alone.

Awareness: I am thankful I have the ability to feel so deeply, and to ultimately be aware. I wasn’t always like this; I think it definitely came with age and experience. I now know when something isn’t making me better and when to cut something/someone out. If something is not allowing me to grow and be better, there is no room for it in my life. 

“Kim, there’s people that are dying” KUWTK Episode
Easily one of the best two-part episodes of Keeping Up—and thank God it was on TV yesterday. Chris Humphries, the most hated NBA player (ok, maybe it’s just me) gets to know the Kardashian family, and it doesn’t go well—because he’s just a jerk. Mason is a baby (squeals), Rob is angry, Kris is insecure about her body… the list goes on. However, the best part of these episode is when Chris throws Kim into the ocean and she loses a $75,000 diamond earring…then starts bawling. Kourtney overhears the chaos and is the voice of reason (for the first time to date) and yells in her monotone, extremely bored voice, “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” Such a classic Kim moment. How could I not be thankful for this?

Holiday Weekends: What is there not to love about holiday weekends? Family time, cookouts, babies, wine, fireworks, swimming, and of course desserts. I’m thankful for this time with my family and friends—a time to just enjoy each other’s company while we still can. 

Uncertainty: The guest speaker, ESPN’s Rob King, at my commencement explained that this time in a graduate’s life is awkward and uncertain. Things can change at any moment. I am thankful for not knowing where I will end up. I am thankful for my friends who pass around my resume, and who are always rooting for me. I am thankful for the trips I have planned over the next couple months (Samantha in DC; EvStetter in LA) to get me where I’m supposed to be.

Okay– I’m done being sentimental. Have a great weekend, everyone! XX TB


The Addiction You Didn’t Know You Had

13 Things I learned while watching Fed Up

In a recent break of binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy (if you follow me on Twitter, you know my Grey’s obsession) I decided to delve into another genre I’m fond of: documentaries. My friend suggested I watch something on Netflix about the food industry in America, so when I searched I came across Fed Up. Surprised I hadn’t watched it sooner, I took some crucial notes in hopes that others find this topic as important and I do! Enjoy my 13 facts from Fed Up.

  1. Up until 1953, people thought exercise would cause heart attacks and lower sex-drive.
  2. To burn off a coke, you have to bike for and hour and a half.
  3. The food industry donates to studies to show that exercise is more important than diet in losing weight in order to make sure their sales are consistent.
  4. There were 0 cases of child diabetes in 1980 — and 57,638 in 2010.
  5. Doctors are unsure the consequences of child diabetes because it is so recent.
  6. Labels such as ‘light’ and ‘reduced fat’ trick consumers into thinking products are healthier. However, the fat that has been taken out of the product has been replace with sugar for taste.
  7. From 1977 to 2000 Americans have doubled their sugar intake.
  8. Natural sugars consumed by eating fruit are considered healthy because of the fiber.
  9. The American Heart Association suggests a serving of 6-9 teaspoons of sugar a day; the average American consumes 41 teaspoons.
  10. In a Princeton Study, 40 out of 43 cocaine-addicted lab rats chose sugar water over cocaine water. The rats were then deprived of the sugar water and went through extreme withdrawal; ultimately proving that sugar is 8x more addictive than cocaine.
  11. The World Health Organization wanted to restrict sugar intake to 6% of daily consumption, but the Bush Administration shut down this idea because this plan would hit the food industry too hard.
  12. Bill Clinton’s complexion resembles a ham (sorry, I had to).
  13. During Michelle Obama’s mission to reduce childhood obesity, major brands agreed to reformulate their products to reduce calories. These brands (Kellogg’s. Hershey’s, General Mills, etc.) removed 6.4 trillion calories total. However, the sugar content in these products stayed the same or increased.


Also, there is a 0% chance Taylor drinks soda. That is all. XX TB

Similar to Folding Laundry: OITNB Season 3

Help, I can’t go on.

I’m dozing off during my morning coffee; I’m checking my timeline instead of focusing. You used to have my undivided attention. You used to be all I thought about during my evening commute; I looked forward to spending time with you.

I’m talking to you, Piper and Alex.

Why are you suddenly so boring?

I’m only on episode 4 of season 3 of Orange is the New Black, and I’m not sure if I can go on.

So far this season, Alex is back. She and Piper had been having angry sex, until they go to an acting class where they let out all of their feelings. Drugs were found in the electrical supervisor’s desk and Nicky is (rightfully) blame. Bennett proposed to Diaz, and it has been confirmed that the prison is shutting down.

While is sounds exciting and that it should be capturing every ounce of my attention, I’ve been dozing off and having to painfully rewatch scenes. And I think I know why this season is so unstimulating.

Back in seasons one and two, when you would learn about a character it would take only one episode. You would then know why they are incarcerated, and why they are how they are. Now as the storyline has gotten more complex with its crazy-long list of characters, the stories are overlapping in episodes and the story just feels repetitive. Haven’t I seen Cesar threaten to shoot a kid if he didn’t finish his French fries before?

Yawn. As I continue through what feels like purgatory, I hope that this is just a transition season and that the best is yet to come.



The 12 *best* Bey songs to exercise to

Whether you’re a spontaneous Pandora listener, a Tidal early adopter or a Spotify playlist fan (or maybe you’ll use Apple Music, come June 30) you have to admit, you seem to run a little faster, squat a little lower, and lift a little extra when Beyoncé is pushing you through it. Maybe it’s her genius lyrics, or it could be her catchy beats. But one thing’s for sure is that she’s been labeled The Queen for a reason. So, turn up the speed on your treadmill and enjoy the top 12 Bey songs to sweat to (in no particular order).

  1.  Countdown
  2.  Love on Top
  3.  Ring the Alarm
  4.  Upgrade You
  5.  Diva
  6.  7/11
  7.  Survivor
  8.  Single Ladies
  9.  Irreplaceable
  10. Crazy in Love
  11. Best Thing I Never Had
  12. Run the World



Twitter Talk: Top 8 Stories on @Tesssybonn’s Timeline

I am always searching for and reading news. I get mine primarily from my timeline. From Cosmopolitan to The New York Times– you name it, I’m reading it. Below are my top 8 eye-catching timeline stories for June 4, 2015. Let me know if I am missing any of your favorites! XX TB 

1. Female Viagra?
Ah, equality. This pill, called Flibanserin, was created to aid with premenopausal women’s sex life. Flibanserin has been voted on before by the FDA but did not pass. However, this time around it came out on top with a vote 18 to 6.(Via Cosmo)


2. Christian McPhilamy is an 8-year-old example to all

Bullying has been in the headlines a TON over the past few years, as it should. What makes this story unique is its happy ending. This light-hearted story is about an 8 year-old boy that grew his hair for locks of love and got bullied at school for his long hair. BuzzFeed does a wonderful job of showing this little boy’s personality, and the sweet reasoning for his choices.

3.  Butt injections are not good for you, per say

Butt injections, also known as ass shots, are shots that make your booty big. Like most desirable things (is it wrong I think this is desirable?), it showed up on the black market and, also like most things on the black market, it isn’t turning out well. A 34 year-old from Queens just died from these harmful, illegal shots. Yikes. Ladies, let’s stick to the natural way: squats and lunges. (Via Vice)


4. Kevin Durant really, REALLY likes Sonic

Durant’s most recent commercial has us all wondering… WTF? The 2014 MVP is standing at the foul line while thoughts of focus and Sonic’s Candy Slushes go through his head. It doesn’t sound that weird, but trust me, with his combination of his facial expressions and the awkwardly thoughtful pauses, you’d think you’re watching a Matthew McConaughey Buick commercial. “Yeeeh. Jolly Rancher’s. That’s a funny name.” *goat sounds in the background*

5. Drake Bell needs to retire his twitter

Drake Bell was known as Mr. Popular, Mr. Always-Gets-the-Girls, and Mr. I-Can-Tie-A-Cherry-Stem-With-My-Tongue during his adolescent years. His reputation as taken a 180, and all it took was an ignorant tweet about Caitlyn Jenner. Bell is just another example of a person who peaked in high school.


6. Sarah Palin is not too fond of Lena Duhnam

Sarah Palin recently compared one of Lena Duhnam’s childhood memories (harmlessly touching her sister when Lena was 7) to the Duggar molestation scandal. I am not here to report on the Duggars, and I will never report on the Duggars (I promise). All I’m saying is that if Sarah Palin doesn’t like Lena Duhnam, it’s her loss. Haven’t you seen Girls, Sarah?

7. Petco’s Golden Retriever Scandal

This is one of the most depressing headlines for animal lovers. PetCo is claiming that a Golden Retriever named Colby died in their possession, but not of over heating (which was the original issue). The company is taking “full responsibility,” and has let go of the workers involved in the incident. I feel terribly for Colby and his family. Hopefully this leads to more careful care at pet facilities. Rest in peace, Colby.


8. You go, Kelly Clarkson

I haven’t been the biggest Clarkson follower– well, not since From Justin to Kelly– but this girl can SING. She popped up on my timeline today with a cover of one of Rihanna’s most recent tracks. Lately, Clarkson has been on the news most recently for her weight gain, and specifically, how she’s been handling ‘fat-shamers.’ Headlines have taken a turn for the better, showcasing her vocals in her version of “Bitch Better Have my Money.”


^^ Such a good TBT, I had to include it.

Caitlyn Jenner: Why it is so pivotal that she broke the internet

Yesterday was my birthday and I was going to write about something more light-hearted, with puns and reasons why no one likes you when you’re 23 (sigh). Instead, I was lucky enough to have an amazing news story come to light. Below are my thoughts and reflections on the beautiful Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn is absolutely crucial to our society. She did not deserve to feel trapped for 65 years, and those who choose to judge her have never had such an immense burden on their shoulders. So she did something about it (better late than never) and she had every right to. Those who make and share that terrible Wheaties Box meme are those who are spreading hate. Those who laugh are laughing because they think they are better. They think Caitlyn is sinning more than they ever have.

I think those people are cold, hateful, insensitive, and overall extremely wrong. I think they are putting themselves on a pedestal; acting as though they have never had premarital sex, never had an abortion, never were jealous of their neighbor, never missed church on Sunday. As a 23 year-old practicing Roman Catholic, I think what Caitlyn did is absolutely beautiful. All sins are created equal (explained in Romans 6:23). Whether you rob a bank, or kill your neighbor, judging people and making fun of people is the exact same sin in God’s eyes.

Perspective: What if Bruce was your uncle? What if your child tells you they are a transgender when they are in elementary school? What if your favorite aunt came out and told you she feels like she is a man and has felt that way her whole life, and she felt like you were the only one she could turn to? Do you feel any differently now?

This is in no way an easy thing to grasp. It is hard to understand. But that is why we must choose love, and choose to educate ourselves instead of laughing at someone else’s cross they have to bear.

It breaks my heart to see people on my timeline making remarks about how Caitlyn is just ‘sick and needs shock therapy because of her mental illness.’ How dare you judge someone for what they are going through? Spreading hate is not helping Caitlyn, nor is it helping the suicide rate of the 700,000 transgenders in our country.

I know I get a little too emotionally involved in the Kardashian/ Jenner families (it’s my guilty pleasure; we all have one), but I truly believe Caitlyn Jenner is helping our society understand more about the transgender community. And I think it is absolutely wonderful that Vanity Fair has chosen her has their July cover.

I think this is a step toward equality, and we all need to accept each other for who we are, because at the end of the day, it is not our job to judge.


Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great of a burden to bear.” MLK